Time, keeps on Ticking, Ticking, Ticking

This month, we should have been on our 2020 medical mission, replacing knees. It’s disappointing that things had to change.

This means that we have hit 100 days out – again. Instead of repeating ourselves, we waited a day to say – we are 99 days out! We wouldn’t want to be repetitive and bore you!

In 99 days, we begin our medical mission to Guyana. A whole lot of work has to happen between now and then.

Our pre-trip is approaching quickly. This will be the tightest turn we’ve had from pre-trip to mission.

Everything is packed and ready to go – shipping has to happen soon.

New joints await shipment to Guyana.

We have to find lodging for the team and choose some places for meals. Transportation needs to be scheduled. We need to make connections for our outreach program.

Every team member has preparations of their own to make for the trip – visas, vaccinations, getting the right tools together – all of the details need to come together.

We have a lot of work ahead of us, but it is worth is. Being able to change lives by restoring mobility – nothing beats the feeling!

You can help WOGO. Each medical mission costs hundreds of thousands of dollars, and every team member from the surgeons to the warehouse crew are volunteers. Your support allows us to provide mobility for all. You can join us by giving to WOGO. Like us on Facebook and Instagram so you can follow our programs.

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