Greetings Guyana

Georgetown Public Hospital

Last Saturday the WOGO pre-trip team visited Georgetown Public Hospital in Guyana, to plan our 2020 Medical Mission there.

We had excellent discussions with the Doctors and team at the hospital. It’s going to be an exciting trip – we are feeling really good about our upcoming time working there.

Georgetown is Guyana’s capital. Nicknamed the “Garden City of the Caribbean”, Georgetown is filled with color and light. Situated on the Atlantic Ocean and the Demarara River, parts of the city are filled with lush plants, and water canals. Parliament and other government centers are located here.

Guyana gained independence from Great Britain in 1966. The country retains some British flavor, but the real feeling is Caribbean. The colors and sounds are all reminiscent of a Caribbean island. Many of the flavors too.Guyanese people are comprised of 6 ethnic groups -Amerindians, Africans, Indians, Europeans and Chinese. The food has lively and distinct flavors. It’s fascinating how these cultures have combined.

Georgetown Public Hospital’s Orthopedic team serves all of Guyana. They are the last stop for treatment in the country.

Touring Georgetown Public Hospital.

There are many in the city of Georgetown and throughout the country who are in need of joint replacement surgery to restore their ability to return to work and to care for their families. The hospital maintains a waiting list and we are thrilled we will be able to help those in need.

The staff at the hospital are eager for us to get to work. The hospital ortho team has developed an app for the ortho patients, and we will be able to plan for our patients in more detail using this tool.

There is a lot of planning to occur between now and April, including locating our outreach locations, planning for our education sessions and more, but I foresee great success in our future for WOGO and for our patients.

You can support our upcoming medical mission and our patient care by supporting WOGO with a donation.

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