It’s the Final Countdown to Guyana!

We are eager to get started on our next medical mission, excited for the new adventure and curious about the people we will meet. Each countdown milestone always seems to mean a little more.

This Monday, our cargo ships to Guyana! The last milestone before we travel to Georgetown, Guyana and get to work.

Every team member has preparations of their own to make for the trip – visas, vaccinations, getting the right tools together – and we have finalized team plans for flights, housing, restaurants, transportation and our shoe distribution. All of the details coming together.

Medical students and Fellows will be joining us on this trip, for the first time since our Cuba medical mission. We are very excited to have them!

Monday’s project is the biggest part of our mission. We ship more than 9000 pounds of equipment and materials for each mission. Once we complete a medical mission, we return about 2000 pounds of equipment back to our warehouse in the US. 11,000 pounds of shipping expense.  With the major expense, the complications of Customs, and the detailed requirements for shipping medical items, this is a high-stress, important and extensive project for each mission.

Each medical mission costs hundreds of thousands of dollars, and every team member from the surgeons to the warehouse crew are volunteers. Your support allows us to provide mobility for all. You can join us by giving to WOGO on our webpage or through Venmo at @WOGO-Missions. Like us on Facebook and Instagram so you can follow our programs.

We are excited to share this next adventure with you!

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