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Tiffany Turner of Soles 4 Souls fits a child with new shoes during our 2018 trip in Havana, Cuba. This was WOGO and Soles 4 Souls 4th trip together.

Reaching out Beyond the Hospitals

Our mission carries further than our work to complete joint replacement surgeries in developing countries. We want to empower, educate and engage women and their larger communities. Empower–WOGO provides free life-altering orthopaedic surgery that eliminates debilitating arthritis and restores disabled joints so that patients can reclaim their ability to care for themselves, their families and […]

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generosity n.

generosity noun gen·er·os·i·ty \ˌje-nə-ˈrä-sə-tē\ 1:  willingness to give or to share <He shows generosity to those in need.> 2:  an act of unselfish giving <Her generosity was appreciated.> (Merriam Webster Dictionary) Sometimes the day-to-day work, and the excitement of planning and executing get in the way of reflection. WOGO has been incorporated since 2009 and […]

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Hugs! Shoes! Smiles! Hugs!

This morning we visited with our patients for last goodbyes. We really will miss their smiles and hugs. Boy were they generous with them. Smiles and hugs all around. It is always so touching and bittersweet to leave our patients. We know that they are recovering well and we know that they are in excellent hands with the hospital […]

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What an Adventure!

We’ve been having a very busy week. We’ve operated on 32 patients, replacing 44 knee joints and we had 4 patients that only needed injections. That’s 36 patients in all – operated on in 3+ days – we are quite proud of those numbers! Led by our surgeons, the team presented an educational symposium for doctors, nurses […]

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Marathon First Day

This morning we had the exciting experience of meeting our patients. We saw all of the prospective patients we had pre-screened plus 15 additional patients who heard we were in town. We were greeted with lots of smiling faces. The patients were by and large very excited to meet with the Surgeons and Doctors. We […]

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Sorting Our Stuff

Medical missions utilize a lot of stuff. And when I say a lot, I mean it, Nine-thousand-pounds of stuff. And that isn’t counting the 20 bags of other Stuff that the early team hauled across the sea. This means that our first day on the ground in Arusha was spent sorting more than 400 boxes […]

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From A-Town to A-Town

Otherwise known as ‘A’ Town by the locals, Arusha is a major international diplomatic hub city. Seated at the foot of Mount Meru, the 5th highest mountain in Africa, the city has a pleasant climate and beautiful environment. The charm of the city comes from the residents themselves who are charming and welcoming to all visitors. […]

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