Reaching out Beyond the Hospitals

Our mission carries further than our work to complete joint replacement surgeries in developing countries. We want to empower, educate and engage women and their larger communities.

  • Empower–WOGO provides free life-altering orthopaedic surgery that eliminates debilitating arthritis and restores disabled joints so that patients can reclaim their ability to care for themselves, their families and communities.
  • Educate– We train in-country surgeons and other healthcare professionals in specialized orthopaedic skills and technologies so they can improve the health of their patients.
  • Engage– We provide role models for girls, young women and their communities by promoting the importance of education and helping to expand their understanding of what a woman can accomplish.

Dr. Amanda Marshall-Rodriguez and Dr. Robyn Hakanson present Jerseys from Jersey soccer uniforms to young girls who are part of the Little Sisters program in Kathmandu, Nepal during WOGO’s inaugural medical mission.

Our goal to engage with the communities we visit demonstrated in our outreach programs during each medical mission. As we plan for Bolivia in January, we are thrilled to already have two of our partners planning to join our mission.

The WOGO team has worked with two great organizations. Since the beginning, Jerseys from Jersey has been a part of our medical missions. On our first trip to Nepal we were able to share soccer jerseys with the students from the Little Sisters Foundation.  Founded in 2009, Jerseys from Jersey collects used, washed soccer uniforms and works with organizations to distribute them to children in Bangladesh, Ghana, and Kenya, Nepal, Peru and other developing nations. This will be the 5thtrip that we will have soccer jerseys with us from this wonderful organization.

Tiffany Turner of Soles 4 Souls fits a child with new shoes during our 2018 trip in Havana, Cuba. This was WOGO and Soles 4 Souls 4th trip together.

WOGO is also continuing our partnership with another non-profit organization, Soles 4 Souls. Soles 4 Souls collects shoes from donors, many of which come from large shoe manufacturers’ excess inventory, and then distributes them to worthy recipients. Soles 4 Souls has been a part of our medical missions since our Guatemala trip. They have joined us in Guatemala, Tanzania, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Cuba. We’re thrilled they will be joining us in Bolivia. Working with Soles 4 Souls we are able to bring new athletic shoes to children in the community we will be serving and to our patients.

Our community outreach is a rewarding part of our medical mission trips.  Each year the team looks forward to spending time in the communities we visit and meeting the smiling faces of the children and adults we work with during our time in country.  Bolivia should be another great experience.

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