Countdown to our next medical mission – Antigua, Guatemala



To empower, educate and engage women and their larger community in developing countries around the world:

Empower – We provide free life-altering orthopaedic surgery that eliminates debilitating arthritis and restores disabled joints so that women can reclaim their ability to care for themselves, their families and communities.

Educate – We train in-country surgeons and other healthcare professionals in specialized orthopaedic skills and technologies so they can improve the health of their patients.

Engage – We provide role models for girls and young women by promoting the importance of education and helping to expand their understanding of what a woman can accomplish.


To transform lives in under-served global communities by reducing the chronic burden of arthritis and disability through total joint reconstruction.

To leave the communities we visited healthier, more knowledgeable and inspired to reach beyond prior limits.


  • When power and movement is restored to a woman’s body, you give her options and help to liberate her mind and spirit.
  • Putting the right skills in the right hands changes lives.
  • The power of education is immeasurable and enduring.

WOGO is steadfastly committed to be a unique, diverse and inclusive team of people working together to improve lives around the world using the skills we have.

WOGO is against all forms of racism and injustice. We strive to give the best of ourselves to others. We see inclusion and diversity as essential to providing the best possible care for the patients and communities we work within.