Evaluation Trip

10418220_10152485798599264_6998125990996483504_nThe WOGO surgeons will travel to Mission City for a pre-trip session where they will meet with local surgeons and healthcare professionals to coordinate logistical details. They will work with local medical professionals to screen, evaluate and take x-rays of potential surgical candidates. This enables them to plan their surgeries with greater precision and assemble appropriate supplies, including specific sizes of joint implants.

Surgical Trip

The surgeons and the support team will spend about a week in the Mission City. All surgeries are performed during the first few days of the trip to ensure that the WOGO team is on hand to monitor outcomes and treat any complications. The goal is to perform as many joint reconstruction surgeries, as time, and donations allow. For patients, the surgical procedure involves pre and post operative patient education and a two-to-four day stay in the hospital.

Rehabilitation is the focus of the latter part of the week. Physical Therapists conduct classes for patients and their families teaching and demonstrating safe techniques. Local physical therapists are trained on how to continue to assist patients with the rehabilitation process for these patients after the Team has returned to the United States.

Our Past Missions

2010 – Kathmandu, Nepal

2012 – Antigua, Guatemala

2014 – Arusha, Tanzania

2016 – Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo

2018 – Marte’s Story