Sorting Our Stuff

Medical missions utilize a lot of stuff. And when I say a lot, I mean it, Nine-thousand-pounds of stuff. And that isn’t counting the 20 bags of other Stuff that the early team hauled across the sea.

This means that our first day on the ground in Arusha was spent sorting more than 400 boxes of that stuff. Sterile gloves, sheets, saws and blades, implants, meds, pillows, crutches, walkers, office supplies, vitamins, sterile drape, gowns, and so much more. An army may travel on its stomach, but a medical team travels on it’ supplies.

10917917_10153012242499264_7554964259611430229_oThe boxes were sorted into major areas before we moved them to their final resting place in the hospital. We had a pile for the OR, Anesthesia, the floor (where nearly everything that isn’t surgery happens), the PT room and the office. We used gurneys to move the boxes around the hospital to their respective locations. The guys got quite a work out pushing heavily loaded gurneys up the ramps to move the equipment between floors.

Working together with our new friends at the hospital we achieved a lot today. The bulk of the team will be here tomorrow and all the excitement will continue building up to our hospital tour for the team! It’s all happening!

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