Marathon First Day

This morning we had the exciting experience of meeting our patients. We saw all of the prospective patients we had pre-screened plus 15 additional patients who heard we were in town.

10455302_10152481211679264_8029418976449692413_nWe were greeted with lots of smiling faces. The patients were by and large very excited to meet with the Surgeons and Doctors. We had a few patients that were very nervous, but once they met with the Doctors they relaxed and felt more comfortable about getting the surgery. We saw 54 patients in clinic.

Each patient is seen by an internist, surgeon, nurse and physical therapist. Their vital signs are checked, hospital bracelets dispensed, and photos taken. Then once additional orders are written they are sent to the waiting area to hear if they are a surgical candidate for this visit.

Following the morning clinic the entire team joined together to review all of the charts and patient information. The discussion centers around the health of the patient, the surgical implications and then a decision is made on who will be moved forward as WOGO surgical patients.

This afternoon two patients went into surgery, and the OR team kicked into gear. The next three days will be spent in surgeries. The floor nurses will get very busy taking care of their charges.

It was an exciting morning and looks to be a very exciting week.

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