From A-Town to A-Town

Otherwise known as ‘A’ Town by the locals, Arusha is a major international diplomatic hub city. Seated at the foot of Mount Meru, the 5th highest mountain in Africa, the city has a pleasant climate and beautiful environment. The charm of the city comes from the residents themselves who are charming and welcoming to all visitors.

It’s off to this city we go. As a part of the pre-team we are leaving a few days before the larger WOGO team so that we can be on the ground, the cargo can be moved and organized, final confirmations with all the restaurants, hotel staff and transportation can happen to ensure a smooth trip for everyone traveling from the US.

Interestingly ½ of our pre-trip team is traveling from another ‘A’ Town, Atlanta. Atlanta is also an international city, welcoming visitors with open arms. I think part of the reason why I feel so comfortable in Arusha is my home city and this city I’ve come to love have similarities. The same nickname, the same welcoming philosophy, the same international feel. Sometimes it’s these things that make all the difference.

So we ask you wish us bon voyage as we embark on our next adventure. Each step of our medical mission will be shared with you. We enjoy sharing our story. We hope you fall in love with A-Town and our new Tanzanian friends. Now, I’m off to the airport and just a few hours of travel. (ok, way more than a few!)

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