WOGO is Proud to be a Part of Operation Walk USA 2013

This week WOGO is a proud participant in a week of joint replacement surgeries being completed for free by surgeons across the country as Operation Walk USA 2013 happens.

As an Operation Walkteam, WOGO is proud to join once again with this national program providing free surgeries to patients in the United States who do not qualify for government assistance programs and cannot afford surgery on their own. Operation Walk USA is an independent medical humanitarian organization committed to helping those in need by restoring their mobility, self-dignity and productivity, thus helping them return to work and their social activities. Currently, Operation Walk USA takes place once a year each December.

This year, founding WOGO surgeon, Dr. Amanda Marshall with be putting her skills to work on a very special patient. Brad Davis, 46, of Kyle, Texas, has always been a patriotic American. He’s served twice in the Army – first in the 1990-1991 Gulf War and then more recently in 2005. During that latter service he experienced a number of significant injuries to his spine, shoulders, both feet and knees. He later worked for the Veteran’s Administration in Austin as a medical clerk but even walking the halls and up and down stairs proved grueling and painful particularly on his left knee. He has had a few spine surgeries and had the left knee scoped only to find that he had to have most of the meniscus removed and was left with “bone on bone” on one side. Eventually though, the pain was too much and though he tried to work part-time he ultimately had to resign. The many years of post-traumatic arthritis caused by his injuries proved too much. As a result, he is currently unemployed.

Brad, his wife, who is a nursing student, and their two sons eventually had to move from their two story house to a one story home due to his limited mobility. “I live with pain every day and am always on painkillers,” says Brad who has had no relief in sight until now. While doing research on joint replacement options, Brad read about Operation Walk USA and on December 6 he will undergo a total left knee replacement under the care of WOGO’s Dr. Marshall at St. Luke’s Baptist in San Antonio.

Having once enjoyed his own business – which required heavy installation work – and a physically active lifestyle, Brad can’t wait to return to the daily routine he enjoyed. “I can finally get back to work, out of the house and be free of some of the pain I’ve lived with for years.” He should be able to return to that working life soon.

Arthritic disease is the most common cause of disability in the United States, affecting more than 21% of the adult population. WOGO is proud to fight arthritis and to continue participating in OpWalk USA. Last year founding WOGO surgeon Dr. Cook participated at her hospital in Florida. The team plans to make OpWalk USA a part of the December holidays each year that they are able.

*Special Thanks to Operation Walk USA for portions of this blog.

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