In Our Own Words

Often it’s difficult to find the right words about what we experience during a WOGO Medical Mission. There is always high emotion during a trip. There are always long days and sometimes my brain is too exhausted to tell the story. Today it seems our team members are finding the words that I want to share. And so I give to you, just a few of our team members thoughts on today’s story, in our own words…

Translator, Nina Hickam – “Day 3er in CUBA, so much done so much to do… Beautiful things keep happening and changing peoples life! Can’t express what I have seen and how blessed I am to be able to experience this opportunity life have giving me….”

Central Supply, Liz Hollis – “My office for the week. These girls in central sterile rock. Today was pretty long.”

Clinical Coordinator, Michelle Burdette – “When you have a 19 hr day and still you decided that sleep is more important than eating….you eat local olives from the mercado! But you don’t care because in the end you just changed 16 peoples lives in less than 48 hours and we still have 2 days of surgery left! We all take these trips personally because we do not want to disappoint anyone…we want to help as many people as possible while we are here….but in the end no matter if we do 100 knee replacements or 10 knee replacements we are making a difference in someone’s life and when all is said and done that is all that matters….there is no feeling in the world than making difference in someone’s life! I MY WOGO FAMILY!”

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