Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Boy, a lot has been happening! The WOGO early team arrived in Havana, Cuba on Monday and spent the Tuesday and Wednesday setting up the OR, Floor, Central Processing and Warehouse areas for our team. Our Cuban counterparts are so incredibly warm and welcoming, it makes all the hard work so easy.

Yesterday, the bulk of the team arrived and after a great dinner and orientation meeting for the team, we were ready to get to work.

Today a lot of different things were happening at the hospital. We arrived early in the morning to be greeted by more than 60 hopeful patients and their families. The doctors screened every hopeful patient, watching them walk when possible, looking at X-rays and medical charts and asking countless questions about mobility, pain and lifestyle. Then the team moved to conference where each case was discussed in detail and decisions were made about which patients will be good candidates for surgery.

While patient screening is taking place, many other things are happening. The OR team worked hard to get the rooms ready for surgery to start in the afternoon. Our team worked hard to get all of the items into the proper place for the upcoming days of surgery and patient care.

This afternoon we started surgery with 4 patients. Those 4 patients now have 4 new knees. They are resting comfortably and tomorrow will begin their physical therapy journey.

Our team leaders direct a group of seventy-plus individuals to make sure the patients have the safest and smoothest experience possible. Between them they are directing many strong personalities. It is amazing to watch their patience and strength as they guide the team through the activities that need to take place in order to complete a surgery. There are a lot of steps.

  • Working with the warehouse team to organize supplies, medicines, PT equipment, surgical supplies and even office supplies and snacks
  • Working with the hotel on logistical things like hotel reservations, meals and meeting space
  • Organizing medical chart
  • Working with local doctors, nurses and translators
  • Managing hospital logistics
  • Getting photos of every patient
  • Setting up pre-screening rooms
  • Patient Conference
  • Surgical OR scheduling
  • Team work schedules
  • Pre-Op and Post-Op team
  • Physical Therapy Scheduling
  • Managing patient charts
  • and SO MUCH MORE!

And these are just the things that happen when we’re in country, don’t forget all the pre-trip logistics! Bravo team! This team of impressive people help the surgeons get the job done and help WOGO to be successful. We thank them, every day.

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