WOGO Doctor to Run 1000 Mile “Iditasport Impossible” Alaskan Race


January 23, 2017

WOGO Doctor to Run 1000 Mile “Iditasport Impossible” Alaskan Race

ROANOKE, VIRGINIA – January 23, 2017 – Women Orthopaedic Global Outreach (WOGO) team member, Dr. Jan Kriska will compete as a runner in the 1000 Mile Iditasport Impossible Big Lake to McGrath to Nome, February 19, 2017. Dr. Kriska is an Internist for WOGO.

In February of 2016, Dr. Kriska, a Mt. Airy, NC-based Internist, lipidologist and sleep medicine specialist, competed in the Montane Yukon Arctic Ultramarathon competing for more than 118 hours in the bitter-cold Yukon back-country Dr. Jan Kriska crossed a finish line as both a winner and a record-setter. Kriska, 48, began the 300-mile trek in Whitehorse, Canada as part of the Yukon Arctic Ultra on Feb. 4, 2016. He finished in 118 hours and 24 minutes, to win the race and break the course record by more than an hour.

For the 1000 Mile Iditasport Race Dr. Kriska will be raising money in support of WOGO’s upcoming return to the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Biamba Marie Mutombo Hospital to continue the team’s mission of restoring mobility to those in need. Support the fundraiser at https://wogo.org/product/dr-krista-iditasport-race .  Updates for Dr. Kriska’s race status will be provided at www.wogo.org/blog.

Iditasport (https://iditasportalaska.com/iditasport-extreme-impossible/) 200 is the Alaskan event that started all human powered ultra-marathons. Skiers, bikers, and runners compete head-to-head on the same course in February.  Iditasport board members are devoted to preserving this Alaskan event. Iditasport’s goal is to promote health & wellness through human-powered events. 2017 is the 20th Anniversary of this event that changed the way people think about adventuring. This non-supported race is set up for the Veteran winter adventurer, those who have already proved that they have the skills and the respect of Alaska’s extremely unforgiving environment.

About WOGO

Women Orthopaedist Global Outreach (WOGO) is a not-for-profit volunteer medical service organization led by female orthopaedic surgeons. They have seen first-hand the power of joint replacement surgery to transform the lives of those who suffer from arthritis, the most disabling chronic disease in the world. The team works to  transform lives in under-served global communities by reducing the chronic burden of arthritis and disability through total joint reconstruction. WOGO is incorporated as an Operation Walk Team.

A Peek at Dr. Kriska Training – bit.ly/2iRVbLH 

WOGO – wogomission@gmail.com

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