We’re ALL IN this Together

This week, our team was scheduled to travel to Georgetown, Guyana for our 6th medical mission to restore mobility. That didn’t happen.

Last month we postponed our trip due to the global pandemic. It was the right thing to do, but it sure did break our hearts. We’ve kept in contact with our partners at the Georgetown Public Hospital and they are in the midst of handling virus cases and caring for their community. They remain positive they will help their country through.

WOGO Surgeon Dr. Tsao delivered PPE to the hospital where she works.

The WOGO team currently has turned our sights on home, helping where and how we can, here in the US.

The team donated the PPE materials we had for our medical mission to hospitals in the US to help doctors and nurses as they fight this virus. This equipment was distributed in hospital by our surgeons. It was much appreciated!

Nurse Michelle received new Crocs from Soles4Souls along with the team of nurses she’s working with in the Bronx.

Our clinical lead and WOGO nurse, Michelle Burdette, signed up to work in New York city and traveled from her home in Texas to live in a hotel and work in an ICU Covid unit in the Bronx. She says the work is hard but inspiring. She wants to support the healthcare workers and provide them with more support and to help patients. Recovery for patients is slow, but Michelle is hopeful every day.

Nurse Alia models one of the handmade masks made by her neighborhood.

Another WOGO nurse, Alia Lachmansingh, enlisted her neighbors to help make cloth masks for the staff at the hospital where she works. The neighborhood has made 200 and counting. Hospital staff were even able to bring masks home to their families. Alia said the project helped her to feel she is doing something to support her team and her community.

Donna Hopkins, one of the WOGO physical therapists, is a Director of Operations at a group of Senior Living Homes. She is responsible for the health and welfare of the residents and staff at 12 locations. She’s working hard to protect these communities. She is grateful to all of the people she works with for helping her to keep the residents safe.

PT Donna supports patients on our trips and here at home.

We continue to collect more stories of our team members doing special projects to help their communities during the global pandemic. Our team is working hard and is ALL IN. So, while we might not be restoring mobility right now, we are still giving back.

We keep our WOGO family and friends in our prayers during this time and we know we will be together soon. Stay safe.


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