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Our second day of surgery dawned and team was ready to dive in. Arriving at the hospital, eager to work we were dismayed to find out that the Autoclave had failed due to the fluctuating electrical current in the Congo. There was the potential that all of the scheduled surgeries wouldn’t happen. Hospital staff and WOGO team members worked together to get it going and we were in business.

Surgeries started and the patients were excited. Yesterday’s patients were first standing up, and then taking their first steps, soon strolling around the Floor with their walkers. Smiles were on all of the faces.

Tiffany, our Soles 4 Souls team member, spent much of the day with our patients giving them athletic Adidas shoes. Excitement for the shoes was high, and our newly walking patients were proud to sport those new sneakers.

The pediatric unit is adjacent to the patient floor and new friendships were made with the Mommas and little children and babies there. The little patients were thrilled to receive WOGO Physical Therapy beach balls to play with and new playtime clogs. Children giggling is always a happy sound.

Mr. Mutombo stopped by in the afternoon to meet with patients and see how everyone was doing. The surgeons checked in with patients, completed surgeries and prepared for tomorrow. The surgical teams, nurses and physical therapists were all firing on all cylinders.

And that means that with the 14 joints replaced today, there are now 28 new knees in the Congo.

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