Exploration and Preparation

Our WOGO team leaders are en route to Tanzania to prepare for WOGO’s upcoming trip. WOGO team leaders, surgeons and Operation Walk leads will be at the Arusha Lutheran Medical Centre making preparations for the Spring 2014 WOGO Medical Mission.

The Arusha Lutheran Medical Centre (ALMC) will be the location of WOGO Operation Walk Tanzania. The ALMC is Arusha’s newest and only full-service hospital. Located in the center of downtown Arusha, ALMC offers general and specialty care in many areas.

The pre-team will spend 2 days meeting with hospital officials, government officials, and visiting a local school. When we return in June, there will be close to 60 of us and this initial trip is the basis for excellent organization during the medical mission in the spring.

While in Tanzania, Doctors Rinelda Horton and Robyn Hakanson will hopefully meet with and examine a potential patient. Other patient X-rays will be viewed and discussions about what the doctors will see during the spring mission will occur.

It will be exciting to meet our host doctors and see where the next mission will take place.

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