100 Days!


Today marks 100 days until the WOGO team begins departures for Democratic Republic of Congo for our medical mission in Kinshasa at the Biamba Marie Mutombo Hospital.

Planning is underway  – booking hotels, dinners, transportation, outreach programs and all of the logistics required to keep a team of 50 moving and working. Team members are pulling out their passports and checking expiration dates, making sure everything is ready to apply for Visas.

Patient screening online will start to take place beginning with forms that will be completed by hospital staff in Congo. We will screen these forms and x-rays prior to our trip. This helps us plan for the patients and helps the hospital know who will be participating in the surgeries.

One of the biggest projects that just happened is shipping. We ship more than 9000 pounds of equipment and materials for a mission. Then after we complete the mission we ship about 2000 pounds of equipment back to our warehouse in the United States. That is 11,000 POUNDS of shipping expense. Making sure everything arrives in good condition and on time is one of our most important projects. It’s always exciting when we know the cargo has embarked on it’s journey. (You can see photos of our cargo heading out below)

The Operation Walk Leadership team trained us on how to prepare for a program.  Working closely with us during our first two trips, and letting us stretch out wings with support on our third, we are now spreading our wings using all of the knowledge they have shared.

Lots more is happening and we will keep you posted. Check out this page if you want to support the team. And like us on Facebook so you can follow our adventures!

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