Planning is ON!

Announcing a new location for WOGO is always exciting. Sharing our next TWO locations made us very proud. It means that WOGO is growing up and able to plan further ahead which is great for everyone.

Planning for a medical mission trip takes many tiny steps and several large ones. Our beginning steps include picking our wish dates – the dates we hope will work for the hospital we are traveling to. Those wish dates also include a pre-trip being scheduled, and discussions around surgeons heading out on the pre-trip.

Our surgeons start looking at the WOGO volunteer list to make sure we have all of the pieces and parts of our team covered. We need nurses and PAs and physical therapists and so many more skilled individuals to make a trip happen.

Lists start being made of the equipment we need to gather for the trip. Medicines, materials, implants and so much more. Beach balls will be ordered for our patients’ physical therapy support. All the little things that make the trip run smoothly.

Research begins about our new location. Where are we going, what are the conditions, what is the hospital like? How many ORs?

With two trips on the calendar we can think larger. Can we get all of the non-perishable materials for both trips at the same time? This will save us money and allow for more funding for future trips to be available.

Paperwork starts. We have volunteer agreements to share. The gathering of team information begins again. Have people moved? Has their email changed? All the little things.

With planning started it can mean only one thing, the countdown is on to our next medical mission. We are less than a year away from Cuba, and less than two years away from our return to the DRC. I can feel the excitement building. Can’t you?

Did you know you can help? Make a donation to WOGO and it will go directly to supporting our upcoming medical missions.  Visit  to donate today! Thank you for your support.

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