100 Days to Go!

100 days from now, the WOGO team departs for Cuba.  The final countdown is upon us.

Each and every team member has some sort of preparation to complete, and we are finalizing our plans for hotels, restaurants, transportation, deliveries and shipping all of the final details are to come.

Team members are pulling out their passports and checking expiration dates.  Our Visa applications will be sent in next week.  We will be providing the hospital with our surgeons’ C.V.s and licenses. Patient medical records will be reviewed very soon.

One of the biggest projects that will happen in the next few weeks is shipping.  We ship more than 9000 pounds of equipment and materials for a mission.  Then following the trip we ship about 2000 pounds of equipment back to our warehouse in the US.  That is 11,000 pounds of shipping expense.  With the major expense, the complications of Customs, and the detailed requirements for shipping medical items, shipping is an important and extensive project for each mission.

Flights will soon be booked and the final schedules set into place.  We are getting really excited. We cannot wait to get to Havana and meet our wonderful patients. We can’t wait to work with the team at the hospital and make new friends.

A lot more is happening and we will keep you posted.  Check out this page if you want to support the team.  Like us on Facebook and Instagram so you can follow our programs! These next 100 days will be filled with excitement!


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